The Benefits of Playdough in Early Learning and Childcare Discover

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You can even take your child to an event that benefits the community with volunteering activities such as beach and/or park clean-ups. By sharing questions with your child you’ll be able to inspire their curiosity while also showing that you care about what they have to say. Open-ended questions don’t have a straightforward answer like “yes” and “no” as there are often many ways to answer such a question, which is bound to get them thinking for themselves. This mentality continues outside of academic settings as curious kids are often better at solving problems on their own and being socially adept. This curiosity to better understand their mind and personality can often lead them to question their perceptions and better themselves by acquiring new skills. It doesn’t only encourage kids to question the world around them, it can lead them on a quest for self-discovery as they become curious about themselves as well.
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