Fundraising Ideas 150 Easy Campaigns for Any Cause

You can also have individuals pay to guess which person is which in each picture, depending on the size of your group. Volunteer grants are another example of how corporate giving programs can benefit your nonprofit. Many corporate philanthropy programs will donate to an organization in support of a certain number of employee volunteer hours with the nonprofit. All you’ll need for this basic fundraiser is whipped cream pies in tin foil plates. Charge a few dollars for each pie and you, your staff, and/or a few volunteers can line up as targets.
One particular facet of online fundraising that has worked well for many of these types of causes is crowdfunding. ABC Fundraising® has recently teamed up with Haribo®, the original creators of the classic gummy bears, to bring you one of the highest profit candy fundraisers you’ll find. The Spinners® Fundraising Program is the world’s first reusable fundraiser and is by far one of the most profitable fundraiser programs on the market today. This unique idea for fundraising helps the average individual group member earn $210 with no money upfront needed.
You can even get some celebrities involved to make the bidding more exciting and hopefully competitive. Have people bring in old books to be sold or swapped, making the most of that house clutter and repurposing beloved copies while raising money. Equally, you could introduce a competition for matching the baby photos with the adult photos – offer a prize for the person who gets the most answers correct the fastest. Invite people into your organization and see what happens behind scenes – buying tickets to a tour can allow people to feel involved at ground level. Put on a show or arrange for some of the shares of the profits of a show to go to your cause.
Employees love to bring their own unique flare to their workspaces. Put that creativity to good use by hosting an office decorating contest. There are some days where a suit and tie just isn’t going to cut it. Have employees donate to your organization to participate in a pajama day. Encourage them to wear their favorite pair of pajamas, slippers, and a bathrobe.
Many organizations have had great success in obtaining sponsors to support the upfront cost of printing their calendars before they go to press. Having upfront sponsors also adds extra profits from calendar sales, thus enabling your school or organization to focus on designing and selling your fundraising calendar. Setting up this wish list early can help you in your brainstorming sessions. Remember that whatever raffle prizes you choose, you must be able to deliver. Non-existent charity raffle prizes are a huge no-no and would be disastrous to your fundraiser and reputation. Only source prizes that you know you can obtain and have them secured before you run your raffle to avoid confusion.
Use this template to make sure you’re including all the essentials in your next email blast or mailed letter to your community of parents. Then, adapt it to your particular goals, projects, and fundraising ideas. Students can pay a small fee to take part in the race, which consists of multiple obstacles covered with mud.
You can also award prizes to those who purchased the exact minute an hour before and an hour after the clock stopped. Gather a group of panelists who are willing to partake in a live discussion about your work, including a combination of staff, board members, and volunteers. Be sure to accept questions from the audience submitted in real-time, and prepare a few beforehand to keep the conversation going. Just make sure that participants have access to a time and distance tracker, like a smart watch or phone, to monitor and report their results. By adding a remote element, you ensure that supporters from all over the world can get involved. When you go remote, everyone completes the run from their own neighborhood.
Raffles work to add excitement and anticipation to your fundraising event, making it fun for participants and helping you raise more for your organization. Your fundraising thermometer works with just about any fundraiser. For instance, if you do a scratch card fundraiser, or a candle fundraiser, you can use the fundraising thermometer to track sales.
For example, Facebook fundraisers are an incredibly effective way to raise money for your church. For example, an online platform with minimal fees can result in high profit margins for your fundraiser. More involved fundraisers, like galas and charity auctions, can be more costly to plan and host but turn in a sizable profit. When choosing Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas fundraising ideas, be sure to consider campaigns that match your team’s fundraising budget.
Students get excited about the big day and are happy to fundraise for their school. Adding unique Color Run ideas and themes – costumes, games, after-parties, and more – that add fun are always encouraged. Add a fashionable twist to your charity fundraiser by offering designer clothes and accessories as raffle prizes.