45+ Easy and Effective School Fundraising Ideas

There are several ways to make talent shows a profitable school-friendly fundraiser. Entry tickets are probably the most obvious way to raise funds. Still, you could also consider charging a participation fee, running a concession stand, and filming the talent show to sell copies to parents. Are you looking for an engaging school fundraising idea that can involve your students, teachers, and families? Have you ever been invited to a dining night at a local restaurant where a portion of the proceeds is donated to a nonprofit in the area? These are extremely popular because all you have to do is spread the word about the night, and then families just show up to eat.
Select from 3 of the top discount card fundraisers in the industry. This cookie dough fundraiser could be just what you‘re looking for. Best of all, your parent teachers organization earns up to 50% on every sale.
That means you need to really make sure that you don’t waste your time asking the kids to participate in anything that doesn’t directly benefit them. Middle School Fundraising is probably the most difficult of any school fundraising age. We’d like to introduce the newest addition to our candle fundraisers.
Below, we offer a number of easy fundraising ideas for kids to implement within your community. Bake sales are a classic, well loved middle school fundraising idea! You can collect donations through an online fundraiser in advance. Then, students can bake and hand out the treats at school on a specific day. These work well for middle school as well as high school students and sports teams. Have the cheerleaders hold signs advertising your car wash fundraising event to passing cars.
You can appeal to a variety of tastes by offering the usual pancakes and syrup, but consider different pancake flavors, toppings and fillings. At this point, most schools have video conferencing platforms that can help them hold new kinds of fundraisers. One middle school fundraising idea or even a fundraiser idea for high school is a virtual game night. This is a fun and easy school fundraising idea that the whole community can participate in. Set a date to invite students, families and community members to bring their pets for a pet pageant.
Usually the winner is selected based on the response from the audience. Sell tickets to the event and be sure to have places where people can get food and refreshments while they enjoy the live music. Give students the opportunity to show off their baking skills by hosting a school bake sale. Funds raised through all of the baked goods sold during the bake sale will go to a designated cause. schools fundraising can even make the bake sale more exciting by holding competitions in different categories, such as best chocolate chip cookie, or best apple pie.